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  • Know More About Basketable

    Basketable is an e-commerce venture that provides grocery & staples and household items at your doorstep in Dharuhera and Bhiwadi. Basketable is established with a motto - ‘Hassle-free Grocery shopping experience’.

    Our bulk procurement of products, state-of-the-art storage & handling, and unmatched logistics enable us to offer the lowest price and best quality advantage to our customers. You can purchase a wide variety of items (Rice, Ghee, Beverages, Spices, Snacks, Personal care products and various other household items) merely sitting at home. With the ease of a click, grocery reaches your doorstep saving all the muscular and time-consuming task. Our team focuses to keep quality at the top priority at each stage for the concern of the health of over customer.

    Basketable provides you with a one-stop solution for all your home needs. We also offer free of charge delivery, provided your minimum order of Rs. 250/-. We aim at making the lifestyle of our customer much simpler by digital India

    अब लम्बी लाईनो  में खड़े होकर समय नहीं गवाना

    डिजिटल इंडिया ने सबका जीवन सवारा

    आयो हम सब मिलकर बड़े डिजिटल इंडिया की और


    1. Keep Customer’s Safe

    2. Save the time of People

    3. Create Employment

    4. Hassle-free shopping

    No need to stand in a queue can buy sitting at home keeping yourself safe and can save your precious time. We will do our best to satisfy our customer with a unique shopping experience, offering quality, variety to our customer and meeting commitment of our customers. The demand of Digital India is increasing why should not be part of that mission by purchasing]ng online good quality groceries and staples and it will also create employment for other people.



    To be an independent, innovative and sustainable cooperative in which customers can choose from a wide range of good at reasonable prices.

    Customer can buy items and make payment online even when they are on the move. Customer can buy without leaving the comfort of home. Can be part of digital India mission.


    How I got an idea to start this business

    A small Grocery business started by Mr. Gaurav father Since 1997 with only 600 Rs. He runned this business with a good sale. Later he passed away and left his grocery business. Now in 2020 lockdown due to COVID-19 gave an idea to start this business online.

    Mr. Rajat & Mr. Gaurav started this online platform for consumers so that people can purchase necessary items sitting at home safely. It will create's employment for other people and keep my customer safe. They can get items easily sitting at home.



    Mr. Gaurav Khatter.